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Professional Airbrush Tanning Systems

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A simple and safe way of tanning !!!


Pro-Tan is a safe way of tanning, for everybody who would like a sun tan without harming their body with too much U.V.exposure (from sun or other) which dries the skin and causes early aging and even skin cancer. Also for people fair skin, who rarely tan and burn easily, Pro-Tan is a healthy alternative, through which they can enjoy a nice tan. One session with the "Airbrush Tanning System" has the same tanning results as several solarium sessions.

Veilig bruinen zonder zon in GentVeilig bruinen zonder zon

How does it work ?

Pro-Tan is a DHA tanner, which through chemical reaction reacts with the proteins of the top skincells and gives an immediate beautyfull natural tanned result.

This DHA is a sugar-molecule obtained from sugarcane (dihydroxyacetone) and is totally harmless to your health and skin! The product is 100% organic and hypo allergenic.

The pro-tan lotion also contains vitamine B5, which hydrates and softens the skin.

The treatment only takes 10 minutes. After 4 hours the product has done its work and has retracted into the skin, after which you can shower to remove the remaining lotion. The tan stays for 7 to 11 dagen, all depending on the nature of your skin, which  is different for everybody, and the care you take of your skin. The lotion dries quickly, doesn't stick and doesn't stain.

Repeat the treatments every 10 days and you will have a beautifull, natural, tanned skin the whole year round.

Preparations for tanning

* 24 hours before tanning you can use a skin-peeling to remove dead skndcells and insure a better result.

* make-up needs to be removed also.

* Don't hydrate the skin the day of the tanning. It is also advised to wear dark, loose clothing

the product also reacts with silk and leather.

After treatment

* don't do any sports or shower the first 4 hours, this can results in a decrease or unevenness in the tanning.

* use a bodylotion after each shower to hydrate the skin and prolong the colour of the tan. It's advisable to use "pro long bodylotion" , this contains a small amount of DHA which maintaines the tan for a longer period.

* don't take long baths and avoid swimming pools using chlorine.


Full body €45



Reservation: 0472/603.621